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Dave Sharp

Dave Sharp, a logistics industry professional, is a former Director of Distribution at Stride Rite Corporation. He later became director of the Louisville Distribution Center of Wolverine World Wide at Riverport after Wolverine purchased the company that owned Stride Rite. Wolverine owns many well-known brands of foot-wear for women, men and children including Stride Rite, Hush Puppies, Keds, and Sperry Top-Sider. While managing the Wolverine facility at Riverport, the company’s largest distribution center in the U.S., Sharp worked with Riverport Authority staff to promote the Riverport Business Association and encourage communication among the various companies at Riverport, especially the logistics businesses.

Sharp said,“There is a strong network of people at Riverport that helps managers problem solve. Leadership synergy at Riverport creates opportunities for companies to share good peak-time temporary employees until they can be hired full-time, keeping people employed and building a strong workforce.

Companies also share parking during peak times. Another benefit is managers can get immediate help if a piece of equipment breaks down, and they don’t have the proper spare part on site.” Sharp explained that many of the companies use the same type of equipment. Therefore in an emergency, managers can prevent downtime and lost business by sharing tech support and replacement parts.

Sharp concluded, “the networking and synergy among companies are important advantages at Riverport, in addition to the great location, good real estate values and competitive utility rates.”

Dave Sharp

Logistics Industry Professional