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Gary A. Smith, Sr.

Gary Smith is president & CEO of Kentucky Trailer, the leading manufacturer of specialty trailers for a variety of industries including moving and storage companies such as Mayflower, Allied, Atlas, North American and United Van Lines. Other noted customers include FedEx, UPS, and Frito-Lay. The company is family-owned and led by the fourth-generation with sales and service locations nationwide.

For 130 years its headquarters was located near the University of Louisville on Third Street. The company helped revolutionize the transportation industry tracing its roots in Louisville to 1879 with the founding of the Kentucky Wagon Manufacturing Company. That company transitioned into manufacturing automobiles in the early 20th century. R.C. Tway, Sr. acquired the company in 1936, later changing the name to Kentucky Trailer.

By the early 2000s the business had grown so large the company needed to expand the manufacturing facility and add more employees. “But we were landlocked. Riverport provided us with everything we needed – room to grow, an experienced and skilled workforce and proximity to major highways. Larry McFall and the support of the Riverport Authority were key to our deciding to relocate our manufacturing operation here in 2009,” Smith explained.

Gary Smith

President and CEO

Kentucky Trailer


6900 Riverport Drive    Louisville, Kentucky 40258-2851   502-935-6024

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