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Welcome to Jefferson Riverport, a true jewel in Louisville’s economic- development crown.

One of the nation’s most successful industrial parks, Riverport has prospered as a model of economic development and a progressive place to do business over the past 20 years.

It’s all about having a great location and great connections.

Louisville is a beautiful city on the Ohio River with a diverse economy and a population of nearly 700,000, making it the 16th largest city in the United States. We have a vibrant downtown, world-class parks, a lively arts scene and, of course, we’re home to Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby.

The river, roads, rail and information-system routers make Riverport an ideal hub for distribution- and logistic-based businesses, as well as manufacturing companies.

So does our airport’s new $1.1 billion UPS Worldport, a hub that makes Louisville International one of the nation’s busiest cargo operations.

Our utility rates are the lowest in the United States. And Riverport has capitalized on its great location by becoming one of the nation’s first Foreign Trade Zone grantees.

Riverport's tradition of success offers your company experience and
confidence. I hope you will consider it as your next place to do business.